Hoole Allotments and Gardens 

Waste, Green Waste & Tenancy

Question: Can I bring my green waste from home to the allotment?

Answer: No. Waste of any kind including green waste cannot be brought on to the allotments. This is a council rule and part of your tenancy agreement. To bring any waste including green waste on to the allotment would be breaking the terms of your agreement.

Why is this question being addressed?

It seems that there are street community groups who are planning to collect their green waste and have it collected and sent to the allotments. No consultation has taken place with the Allotments
Officer Cheshire West & Chester Council, the allotments Management Team or the Chair of HAGA. The rules have been checked with the Allotments Officer his confirmation has been received that the answer is ‘NO’.

The coronavirus is having a much wider impact on our lives than we may have originally thought. This includes all tenants on the allotments. We do need to maintain our observance of tenancy rules
at this time for the good of our allotment site and colony. The allotments are for our personal use to grow crops, they are not a replacement for green recycling.

New coronavirus message to HAGA members - look on news page

Allotment Shop

The shop is now closed due to the coronavirus. 

Unfortunately due to new guidance in the PM's letter we will not be able to offer any online sales.


The PM has now announced new social distance guidelines which we should observe on the allotment at all times. Children have been observed lifting a bike over the gate and riding round the allotments. If you see such things, please report it.

The allotments will remain open for the time being. Tenants with livestock will need to look after their animals to maintain their high standard of husbandry. Please continue to feed your chickens as normal.

When opening the main gate please wear gloves or use hand sanitisers every time you enter and leave..


The water is now back on as of 28/3/2020


Bonfires Dates for the next year

Click here for guidance Bonfires.docx 

26th October to 8th December 2019
and 22nd February to 29th March 2020     


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See details on the news page

Wild Life and allotments

Always good to hear that we have wild life on our allotments, it must mean we are doing something right. You may be interested in the following links.

National AllotmentSociety


Natural England

Trading Hut

the shop is closed due to the Coronavirus.

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